Thoracic Breathing/Chest Breathing

To prepare for a Pilates exercise we breathe through the nose while we exhale during the exercise execution with a slightly open mouth.  To help us with a visual image, we imagine the lungs, as if inflated like balloons.  The exercises are only really successful if you breathe deeply. The shoulders remain relaxed, as well as the neck and spine.

During exhalation, the lungs are completely emptied (forced breathing), which also has a positive effect on the removal of pollutants or excess carbon dioxide. Thus, the underlying muscles are activated (midsection or Powerhouse).

Imagine, your corset is quite narrow, especially where your chest and breastbone connect. For a visual image, imagine a tight pair of jeans that you really wanted to wear. The spine remains long.  Relaxed and deep breathing helps you to focus, to concentrate on each task and perform the movements correctly.

Good breathing techniques guarentee to also reduce stress.

This type of breathing can be a real challenge for many.  But practice makes the master  ;-)