Do you know Pilates?

You've probably already heard of the Pilates exercise method.  But did you know that it was created in 1930 by Josef Hubertus Pilates?  During his lifetime, he created this great, so-called "Intelligent Training".

Originally, this training was meant for dancers and theater actors since thier posture was an important component for a perfect look and a stable self-conscious image, and... it still is.

Pilates, this sensational method with over 400 exercises, is a proper functional training.  It aims with the stretching and strengthening exercises as to strengthen the muscles and shape, improve posture, and to build or strengthen a powerful center for the body (Powerhouse).

Body and spirit merge and become one.

Concentration, control, precision, breathing, centering and flow of movement play a central role in Pilates training. One connects to the other.

This intelligent training is the ideal complement to several sports activities, where often only the superficial, large muscle groups are used, without addressing the deep, stabilizing of the muscles.  It is these deep muscles in the abdomen and back area, which play a crucial role for a correct posture: correct imbalances, improves coordination and prevents back pain.

Over time, the Pilates exercises were adjusted according to scientific studies, and everyone is now able to perform the exercises with small and/or with large equipment.