About me

Passion for fitness, this is what drives me though these many years, and why I have been doing this job.

In 1995 I started this wonderful activity as a side job, my main occupation was a technical writer. First, I organized my own gymnastics classes in my home town of Bolzano.  I also worked in various gyms, high schools and at the VHS as an aerobics and fitness instructor.

In 1999, I earned the title of "Miss Aerobics Italy."

From 1999 - 2009 I first worked in different studios, which lead to working privately in companies, associations, VHS as a fitness trainer/coach.

I completed the first Pilates basic training in 2005.

During the final months of my pregnancy I created and posted several videos on Youtube for pregnant women. After my pregnancy I developed my own course "Fitness with Baby" in 2012; this training course I still offer with much success.

In Summary:

Pilates & Core Training are now my focused training direction. I have tried this type of training myself for a long time, experimenting with myself and my conviction is firm that one’s training is complete, if mind and body are in harmony with the conscious breathing, mobilization, stabilization, flexibility, strength, are all joined together.

Good posture also ensures for a strong body through awareness.

At my private studio I offer this wonderful method of training in small groups up to 4 persons and also as a personal trainer.  I love a family atmosphere and carries over to every single person/student I try to serve individually.
I instruct mainly in the German language; however, I am also happy to instruct in my native Italian language and in English.