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What do you want to achieve with your workout?


People have been speaking about Pilates for years. Originally Pilates was used by dancers and by some actors, specifically because of the tall posture that Pilates maintains as they train themselves.  Of course, the original exercises were only for certain training experts, mainly because of the complexity of the exercises that were first designed.  After much scientific research was added over the decades, Pilates evolved so that each person's individual excercise could work for them.

On the fitness market, the practice of Pilates is found in Pilates studios, but it is also offered in fitness studios, in gyms, physiotherapy practices, and in rehabilitation centers.

The important principles of Pilates:

Control: The executions of the movements are slow and controlled. So that simultaneously the smaller muscles are being strengthened.

Concentration: the body and mind are brought into line - attention is focused entirely on the body.

Breathing: breathing and movement should be synchronous during exercises, so that tensions are prevented and the benefits reach deep into the muscles.

Alignment: The so-called "powerhouse" ranges from the chest to the pelvis. If you utilize this, you can prevent back pain, uterine prolapse and incontinence through conditioning.

Relaxation: Relaxation in the Pilates does not mean giving up one's own body tension, but to locate the tension for resolving any problem.

Flowing movements: the individual exercises and movements are performed fluid without interruptions.